I want to write

lol im so unprepared for blocks….in any case that’s not why im here today.

I’m itching to write and write and I’m going to dedicate 1 week of writing – for my soul & heart and not for anyone but myself but for the world in me, for you in me, for me in you… LEGGO BEAT PROMOS (FIRST)


Putting the 2 Ps in ELDDFS

Philosophy & Psychology! GOD THIS IS SO EXCITING.

So amidst the grind for blocks, I thought of an idea – adding 2, or 1, wing to ELDDFS! To expand the definition of bring the English Arts to the masses. Literature encourages expression through words; Film encourages expression through animation and capturing memories; Drama encourages expression of individual thought & feeling; Debate encourages expression of ideas & opinions. Philosophy & Psychology, per say, nurture richly the roots of such expression, through bringing to surface questions and more questions than answers and seeking a human side to everything.

oh wait, but might this be confused to be a wing under HACAS?